street sweepers


Lighthill Equipment Group proudly features new Stewart-Amos street sweepers, including their full line of mechanical and regenerative…as well as full-size models. Stewart-Amos offers a full line of mechanical street sweepers and regenerative air street sweepers. Stewart-Amos offers its mechanical and regenerative air street sweepers in mid-size, non-CDL models as well as full-size models. Many of these non-CDL mid-size street sweepers have large size capacities comparable to competitors’ full-size models that require a CDL. Stewart-Amos is American made and designed with the street sweeper contractor in mind.


Count on Lighthill Equipment Group for all of your street sweeper needs.



We also offer rebuilds and can get your company first offering at municipal trade ins.

ASK US ABOUT FINANCING: We work with many banks specializing in the street sweeper industry.